Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to serve as a member of a student organization under HCDC to utilize the space?

No, any students can engage with HCDC, its programs, and student organizations.

How can I book diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings?

Please visit our “Resources” then “Trainings and Workshop Requests” page.

How can I join HCDC’s student organizations?

Each student organization has a different process in accepting new members. We suggest connecting with them via cowbell connect, follow on social media or simply stop by the office to speak with a staff member. 

How can I join or participate in the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center Programs or events?

Programs and events will be posted to cowbell connect! They will also be posted on our social media pages! Follow us to stay updated with all things HCDC!




How can I sign up for a mentoring program?

Please contact the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center at 

What are the hours of operation?

The normal hours of operations are 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Where is HCDC located?

We are located in Suite 225, Colvard Student Union (Second Floor).