What We Do

The Holmes Cultural Diversity Center works to enhance the cultural experiences of students here at Mississippi State University. The center provides services through the programs and events offered each year. The dialogues, training and workshops and cultural programming offered by HCDC are geared towards identity development, mentorship, student success and social justice issues. 


The Holmes Cultural Diversity Center strives to enhance the college experience of students at Mississippi State University. As a “home away from home” for students, the center is committed to cultivating a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports traditionally marginalized student populations. Ultimately, we are dedicated to aligning retention factors by creating opportunities to implement holistic approaches to student success and degree attainment.  Additionally, we support students by connecting them to resources and opportunities that assist them to grow intellectually, develop personally and professionally, and improve their overall wellbeing. Our aim is to cultivate equitable pathways that empower students to learn, live, and lead in a global and ever-changing world.


1.    Promote student success by increasing the recruitment and retention of marginalized students.
2.    Develop communities of support, involvement, and advocacy for marginalized students.
3.    Provide educational opportunities for the university to foster a culture of access, diversity, inclusion, and equity. 
4.    Implement and develop a structure to holistically assess outcomes of the center’s programs and experiences of students.